Pommec Hytech BV, Netherlands– Diving Equipments Solutions and Salvage

Pommec is a leading European manufacturer and worldwide supplier of commercial diving equipment. We provide a wide range of products, from consumables to entire Dive-Spreads. Manufacturing standard and custom built dive systems combined with our long experience as distributor for all the leading brands in the industry gives us the possibilities to bring the job to an end, successfully and safely.

  • Containerized diving systems
  • Cylinders and quads
  • Decompression chambers
  • Hyperbaric communication
  • Twin sleeve davit system
  • Wet-bell
  • Bathycorrometer
  • Subsea MPI Unit
  • ROV Chasing drone
  • ROV Lars
  • ROV control unit
  • 2 diver control system
  • Diver air/mixed gas panel
  • Air storage Cylinder lift Rack
  • Tunneling systems
  • Medical Chambers

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CTecnics UK – subsea electronics

Underwater Video systems and Diver Com systems
C-Tecnics has specialised in the design and development of underwater imaging and video recording systems for over 20 years. We are committed to providing the highest standard of products and services while ensuring all elements of customer requirements are met and exceeded.

  • Subsea Video Systems
  • Diver Communications
  • Underwater Cameras
  • Underwater Lighting
  • Hyperbaric Equipment
  • Depth Monitoring
  • Subsea Positioners
  • Divers Personal & Recovery Equipment
  • Accessories & Consumables
  • Connectors & Cables
  • Equipment Rental

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Dive-Net subsea wireless solutions USA – Diver Tracking systems and Under water GPS

Dive Net provides innovative underwater navigation and ommunication solutions and related services. Our product line includes the flagship DiveNETseries of portable, advanced subsea wireless (hydroacoustic) systems designed with patented technology to deliver high grade performance. Diver Tacking systems help track upto 20+ divers in range of 1000-2000m for salvage or training operations

  • Subsea Wireless GPS LBL
  • Commander USBL
  • 5x5 Diver Voice Communications
  • Sealink Acoustic Modems

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