Vessel manoeuvring control systems

We Supply different types of manoeuvring control systems for different types of the ships — offshore vessels, cruise and ferry, workboats and special ships, super and mega yachts.

Dynamic Positioning Systems
With more than 700 DP systems delivered for the extensive number of vessel types in the reference list, we guarantee the highest positioning accuracy, reliability and ease of operation. Dynamic Positioning Systems are type-approved by the classification societies DNV, ABS, BV, CCS, GL and RMRS.

Dynamic Positioning Simulators
Our Dynamic Positioning simulators are installed in more than 20 Nautical Institute-accredited training centres as part of the full mission bridge simulator or as an independent DP training facility.

Our Autopilots are ranked among the most sophisticated and flexible heading control system solutions in the market and can be installed onboard vessels of any length.

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Dynamic Under Keel Clearance Solutions & Dredging optimization solutions for Ports

Under very favourable conditions, DUKC® can allow large ships to safely sail up to 1m deeper allowing them to carry more than 15,000 extra tonnes of iron ore or coal.

This is because DUKC® scientifically models, in real time, how much under keel clearance (UKC) ships have as they come down shallow channels.

In most cases there are productivity gains because this dynamic technology allows ships to go deeper or use wider tidal windows than when sailing under fixed static UKC rules which are calculated to cover worst possible conditions and are therefore unnecessarily conservative.

Every extra centimetre of draft (the depth below the waterline) that a large bulk ship can be loaded to means around an extra 150 tonnes of cargo.
This Award-winning DUKC® is the only dynamic system worldwide that has proven capacity to predict in real-time the critical vertical component of navigation (what you can’t see under the water) during the actual transit. It is so accurate that, under extreme weather conditions, a 250,000 tonne bulk carrier could negotiate a channel within a metre’s clearance to the seabed.

This proven e-Navigation technology is operating in most major Australian ports and also in New Zealand, Europe and North America. It is increasingly becoming an essential decision support and risk mitigation tool for ports and waterways worldwide because as ships get larger, UKC limits are critical.

“The system provides additional draught for port customers whilst maximizing port safety through appropriate risk management. In addition, it has reduced significantly the need and associated costs of extensive maintenance and capital dredging.”

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Inland Water Ways solutions

River Information systems (RIS) & Traffic Monitoring solutions for Rivers

River Information Services (RIS) are information technology related services designed to optimise traffic and transport processes in inland navigation, i.e. to enhance a swift electronic data transfer between water and shore through in-advance and real-time exchange of information. RIS aims to streamline the exchange of information between waterway operators and users.

Scope Includes
  • AIS Base Stations
  • VHF VoIP
  • RIS Software
  • Tracking and Tracking of vessels thru ECDIS
  • ENC Charts
ENC Charts
  • ENC production out of source data. Source data can be satellite images, paper charts, digital source data in DGN or DXF format etc
  • ENC production training on site with remote assistance during production
  • Sales of ENC production tools and databases

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