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Kley France is a world-renowned supplier of highly customized and integrated lifting solutions for oil & gas, research vessels, naval industry & submarines, nuclear power plant safety devices and lifting solutions for other sectors.

Kleyfrance has solid experience in the development of a wide range of highly customized winches and handling systems for FPSO, FSU, and pipe laying barges & vessels. Kley France delivers complete equipment packages including power and control systems.

Kley France has a long tradition in oceanography, where our innovative and pioneering frame of mind has allowed us to develop state-of-the-art deep sea winches and handling systems.

  • Deep sea winches
  • Annular traction winches© especially developed for synthetic rope (coring, geology, dredging, trawling)
  • Ultra-clean CTD winches and related handling systems
  • Drum winches
  • A-frames, Launch & Recovery Systems (LARS)
  • Piston corers (e.g. Calypso©) with auxiliaries and related handling systems (telescopic fork, booms, platforms).
  • Sub-hull sensor deployment (TVO)

Kley France has developed a range of successful antenna winches for military submarines . Kleyfrance has developed anti-whip restraint solutions for nuclear power plants, in partnership with CEA and Areva (formerly Framatome). These systems serve to prevent sudden whipping of steam pipes of reactor cooling circuit. In case of pipe failure, a significant amount of energy would be released by pressurized steam. In this instance, anti-whip systems would act to efficiently absorb this energy, ensuring the damage would not be further propagated to the rest of circuit.

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Marine Propulsion Systems Singapore

Propulsion systems, Waterjet, Thrusters and electric pods for vessels

Rotable propeller drives

The Rotatable Propeller Drives are normally deck mounted or through hull units mounted in a well, with the engine inside an enclosure or the hull and are usually installed in barges, ships, tugs, deck cranes, supply vessels and platforms for special work, diving, pipe laying, cable laying/repair, where maneuverability is a must and sometimes are used with dynamic positioning systems. Systems are complete with full Bridge Control Systems and units are available with/without Kort type nozzles.

Azimuthing Pumpjet system

The AzimuthingPumpJet System is mounted with no vulnerable parts protruding past the ship’s hull. They will provide full thrust for both shallow and heavy draft vessels, are simple and therefore reliable with extended life. Ideal for slow to medium speed ranges for tank barges, workboats, tugs, military landing craft, fishing boats and research vessels.

Propeller shaft system and Electric podded thruster system

Marine Propulsion Solutions Pte Ltd introduces a series of transverse bow thruster systems designed using AC electric motor drives and variable speed frequency converter technology. They are designed to minimize noise and cavitation. The thruster system comes complete with a variable speed electric drive and full bridge controls. Available from 50 to 2500 Kw.

Hydraulic Drives

PT. Marine Propulsion Solutions offers a “Unique Series” of Hydraulic Thruster and Propulsion Systems designed for all marine type vessels. The Hydraulic Thruster Systems utilize the hydraulic motor built as an integrated part of the thruster hub

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Mine Lifting Bags, Underwater airlift bags, Load testing bags, Pipelaying Bags etc

Renowned the world over, we still leads the way in the design and manufacturing of Air Lift Bags, Load Test Bags, Gas & Liquid Containment Bags and a diverse range of product & project solutions.

Our skill in Radio Frequency (RF) welding of Polyvinyl Chloride(PV) & Polyurethane (PU) fabrics, linked to quality European sourced materials and an experienced and dedicated team, makes us the obvious choice for quality, durability and value.

Mine Automatic Recovery System

The purpose of the Mine Automatic Recovery System is to provide a safe and reliable means of remotely lifting ordnance of up to 1000 kg mass from depths down to 80 meters by providing a time delay and controlled buoyancy facility. There are two versions, one with a lifting bag of 500 kg capacity and one with a lifting bag of 1000 kg capacity.

Custom Product Specialists

Our Military, Scientific and Rescue service products have gained us a deserved reputation for providing custom manufacturing to diverse markets. The Recovery unit continues to clear unexploded bombs and torpedoes from the worlds shipping lanes, while our gas and liquid containment solutions are used globally for environmental, engineering and scientific applications


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